Mask, glove, coveralls and other personal protective equipment

Do you want to protect yourself, your loved ones or your employees? Opt for an effective personal protective equipment by choosing TCS Vocino products.

Qualitative and reliable, our products can be used daily or at work to carry out your tasks safely, without fear of dirt or contamination.

Mask, disinfectant hand gel, protective visor, nitrile glove, protective suit and mobile hand washing station: we offer products adapted to all your needs!

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Protect yourself from any harmful elements that you could breathe using a mask. At TSC Vocino, we offer a wide range of masks adapted to everyone’s needs. We notably have disposable masks, washable masks, reusable masks and protective visors.

Regarding our washable and reusable fabric masks, these are 100% made in Quebec products. Available in many colors, they can also be personalized, for example with your company logo or name, to work safely while continuing to promote your company.


To avoid the spread of bacteria and ensure optimal hygiene rules, it is recommended to wash your hands regularly, but for this you must have the necessary equipment. Get this personal protective equipment from TCS Vocino! We have everything you need to wash your hands effectively while working outdoors or on the go.

On the one hand, we offer you an excellent disinfectant hand gel, an essential product to give to all your employees to ensure their safety. On the other hand, we also have mobile hand washing stations, very practical for people who work outdoors, especially on construction, landscaping or renovation sites.


When you want to protect yourself effectively from bacteria, wearing a mask is a good start, but it is not always enough. If you want more complete protection, you may need to wear nitrile gloves and a protective suit.

Do you want to buy nitrile gloves and protective suits for your employees? TCS Vocino has everything you need! All of our products are of excellent quality, designed to Health Canada standards and meeting the highest standards in the industry. Reliable and safe, they will meet your expectations, we guarantee it.


More information on our personal protective equipment

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