Corporate and promotional items, work clothes and PPE equipment

Here at TCS Vocino, we offer you the chance to personalize a multitude of items for all situations. Your business may have a vested interest in promoting a new product or service. The opening of a new store or branch can be a good reason to create promotional clothing. Individuals may want to share a personal goal or event with others. We can create a promotional product or do a custom engraving or a logo embroidery that fits your needs. No matter the occasion, we can create a promotional product for you: custom workwear, custom PPE gear, engraved accessories, etc.

Promotional clothing is one of the simplest ways to pass along information from a business to the consumer. TCS Vocino can create promotional clothing with your business brand in many different styles including caps, toques, hats, neck warmers, head bands, ear bands, and scarves. There is no piece of clothing that cannot be used to brand a business. TCS Vocino can also create promotional clothing for the individual with important dates, events, or gatherings.

Promo and work clothing

Businesses can use promotional products, promotional sports items, and promotional car accessories at tradeshows to market business products, locations, and services. Tradeshow giveaways are small tokens offered by businesses wishing to increase a potential customer base. Even a small business logo printed on hats, scarves, or headbands can be enough to increase potential sales and profits.

Customized sport items

Sports items often come with logos or team names. TCS Vocino has been working with sports teams for many years creating promotional sports items. Team logos can be placed on team clothing, but that is not the limit of what TCS Vocino can offer your team. Logos can be used on team bags, towels, and accessories, thanks to our logo embroidery expertise. At the end of any sports season, teams often hold an awards gathering or banquet. With team unity at an all time high, promotional gifts sets are the perfect reward for all team members or those that stand out above the rest. A custom engraving on your trophies make those achievements memorable.

PPE work clothes and equipment

Do you want your employees to be able to work in complete safety? Order work clothes and personal protective equipment from TCS Vocino. This will give you top-quality products to ensure the safety of your team and give your business a professional image.

Waterproof coats, work boots, winter work gloves, rain pants, masks, coveralls and nitrile gloves, we have a wide choice of products to equip all your employees! Used to working for companies of all sizes and in all industries, we can assure you that we will meet your needs.

Why do you have to choose TCS Vocino

TCS Vocino is a unique company that offers more than just promotional clothing and tradeshow giveaways. Nick and Barbara Vocino also work with businesses and companies, providing them industrial custom engraving services. Custom engraving can also be used to create door plaques, nameplates, and signs. Generic signs that read “Exit”, “Stop” or “No Smoking” are available, but TCS Vocino can also personalize the messages to meet business needs. For instance, signs can be created for “Employee of the Month” or “President / CEO Parking”.

Our services also include personalized engraving on site, at the best prices.

TCS Vocino is available to create every personalized and promotional item a business or individual could ever need. We have promotional, personal, and tradeshow products that can increase potential customers, sales, and profits. But TCS Vocino also offers a bit more quality, passion, to make unique promotional products.