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     Businesses, schools, and organizations commonly hang promotional wall plaques to announce employee and business achievements. At TCS Vocino, we offer quality promotional sports plaques and promotional clock plaques to serve just this purpose. Plaques can be created with a variety of woods and materials as needed by your organization. We can also add custom engraving to your plaques.

Walnut promotional plaques start with quality walnut wood. From there, TCS Vocino can create perpetual or permanent name engraved plates. Perpetual nameplate promotional plaques are used when an organization needs to add names or dates. Announcing an employee of the month would be the ideal situation for perpetual promotional plaques. Static promotional plaques can be used for an announcement or an organization achievement such as being ranked as a top business or organization. Organizations can also use static plaques as awards given to outside businesses or other organizations.

In addition to high-quality walnut plaques, TCS Vocino also offers promotional metal plaques. Metal plaques come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used for perpetual or static information. Promotional metal plaques include plate style plaques and square or rectangle shapes. Gold, silver, and multi-color finishes are also available. Rim and plate textures can also be special ordered.

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Promotional sports plaques from TCS Vocino offer custom engraving and various plaque materials. Perpetual plaques can be used for monthly or yearly achievements and displayed on school or organization walls. Static awards can also be created to be given to individual athletes or coaches for personal performance. Unlike ribbons or medals, promotional sports plaques last for generations and tend to be cherished for many years to come.

Combining quality with functionality, TCS Vocino offers promotional clock plaques. Clock plaques are available in two sizes 8” X 10” and 9” X 12”. The clock is centered on the top of the plaque with a metal plate for personalization centered below the clock. Gold faced and black faced clocks are available with a variety of wood finishes.

TCS Vocino offers expert experience in promotional personalization. Organizations, businesses, and schools can choose between wood, metal, clocks, perpetual, and static plaques. Custom engraving is used to create a masterpiece of promotion and reward. Businesses, patrons, and athletes alike will be honored to hang one of our personalized promotional plaques in their home, office, or school.

Contact TCS Vocino today for more information on custom promotional plaques. We are here to create promotion products in all shapes and sizes to meet your needs.

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